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About Double 8 Custom Apparel

Double 8 Custom Apparel was founded in 2010. The inspiration for such a venture was to create custom designed stage wear and make it available to everyone.

The proprietor of this Atelier is Timothy Jones. All designs and custom work are personally supervised and created by him

A native Kansan, Tim found that there are very few custom garment shops. Tim has scoured the 'chain stores' only to find rack after rack of mass-produced generic quality shirts and plain, boring suits.

Having some knowledge of the tailoring process and an ability to draw, Tim set out on his custom couture adventure. Having taught himself to sew at a young age, Tim has a keen eye to detail and a love for the real classic looks of the original rhinestone masters. He often ventures into the realm of the surreal and unusual as well as iconic concepts set forth by those before him.  

From Tim's perspective, many entertainers, musicians, and performers benefit from, and often search for something that sets their look apart from the others. Often it's the whimsical and fantastical clothes that draw the attention. The audience sees the artist as bigger-than-life. It really enhances the artists' talent.

In late 2016, Tim relocated his operations to Los Angeles, California.

All jackets, shirts, and pants are scratch-built in various color options and materials.

Just about any color combination or material you can think of can be had. Options of embroidery are varied and can be customized to fit your personal tastes.  

Because of the handmade nature of the garments, Tim believes that you get a certain feeling of pride knowing that this shit or jacket was created to order especially for you.

Through the miracle of computer technology, the task of embroidering images has greatly reduced the amount of time needed for completion as well as giving embroidered images a cleaner more attractive appearance versus all-hand embroidered images.

Embroideries are not only stitched by computer, free-hand machine stitching is still a part of the garment process. Many times, Tim will combine computerized machine stitched and free-hand embroidery to further emphasize a hand-crafted appearance.

Currently, all garments are on a custom-order basis. Double 8 does not print a catalog or price list with mass-produced garments. However, ready-to-wear garments are available for purchase.

If you're in the Los Angeles area, Tim will be happy to set up an appointment to discuss your next custom garment.

Tim encourages clients to explore their creative side and create a custom design they can call their own.

Out-of-state clients are more than welcome to send Tim an e-mail detailing your interests and possible custom orders.

Tim is always available by e-mail to answer any questions concerning design and pricing.